Truly, “When There Is Life, There is Hope.” Agreed! It really resonates with me and I have avalanche of testimonies that goes with it.

In any event, I stand to prove it that it’s an incomplete statement and the complete part of the statement, I will unravel herein.

But for you to get it right, you must believe in the reality of life.

The reality of life is that we can’t do without facing one or two obstacles. We all have one or two bitter story to tell – be it a conquest or a fall.

And since life’s situation is ephemeral, we stand to experience similar situations in the next breathes of life – the good and the bad.

Even as we just got rid of some tough situations, life’s reality says that “the problems are not yet over until life itself is over.”

This aptly reminds me of a great poet who said: “The end of a war marks the beginning of another.”

As such; the statement “When There Is Life, There is Hope” is incomplete without saying “When There Is Life, There Is Hope; though Problems abound”

So, How Can You Solve The Life’s Problems.

You need to concentrate, avoid distraction, be kind, keep God’s commandments, engage in fervent prayer and be hopeful of better result in all your endeavours. You are created for a purpose. You are not irrelevant. You are not worthless.

Your present situation is but a brief delay and will never be a denial. You might be wondering why it’s not happening right now. It doesn’t mean it will never happen. Your present uncomfortable situation is not your permanent destination. Your current worse condition is not your destiny.

At times, it is a temporary situation that we all have to pass through in our journey through life.

In life, everybody will have a story to tell. Everybody, irrespective of your status, will naturally fight a war.

#Remember! There Is God! And HE is not dead.

There is nobody without a problem in life. Some problems are obvious while some are hidden.

A journey that took you eight hours may take another person eight years. No matter your problem, never give up on life. Never listen to what onlookers have to say.
Anyone who cannot feel your pains has no right to judge or condemn you in life.

Put your hopes in GOD and be restful in the assurance that he’s got your back. Always remember if GOD still keep you alive, he still has a plan for your life. It shall be well with you! 2017 WILL BE BETTER AND GREAT.

You don’t, however, need to ignore the statement “When there is life, there is hope.”  It is a true statement. It’s just incomplete.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi