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Veteran Hollywood actress and co-host of the talkshow, ‘The View’, Whoopi Goldberg, recently launched a new line of medical marijuana to solve menstrual cramps.

The product is apparently designed specifically for women and is in joint partnership with edibles maker, Maya Elisabeth.

It would be referred to as Whoopi & Maya and will provide marijuana-infused products intended to reduce and relieve pain and cramps from periods. The drug has been made legal in several US states.

In thesame vein the Bob Marley family teamed up to form a private equity firm to start out the world’s first international marijuana brand, Marley Natural. Last November too, rapper, Snoop Dogg launched a cannabis brand, Leafs by snoop.

Unlike other companies, Goldberg’s line wants to focus solely on combating period pain, which ranges from slight to serious in several women. In her experience with medical marijuana, Goldberg stated that using the drug in a vaporizer has greatly soothed the symptoms of her glaucoma-induced headaches.

Whoopi & Maya gained financial backing from three friends and family members and Goldberg will serve as Chairwoman.

The brand intends to sell four products in forms of: a balm, a tincture, sipping chocolate and a bath soak. The products, whose prices have not yet been established, will only be available in California to people with medical marijuana cards. As marijuana is illegal at the federal level, the Whoopi & Maya products won’t be available in other states.

Author: Cerebral Lemon