Stomach Ulcer

Though ulcer can be caused by bacterial infections, stress and poor nutrition remains the leading cause of this condition. In regions like Nigeria where spicy foods, especially food rich in chili are popular, it is no surprise stomach ulcer is common. With the rise of carbonated drinks, which are often acidic in nature, things have even gotten worse.

Constantly being under stress can suppress our appetite and encourage the intake of carbonated drinks as supplements for energy needs. When we take carbonated drinks which are already acidic in nature, what we are doing is that we are adding more acid to an empty stomach that is already secreting stomach acids. It is even worse when pepper-rich foods are ingested.

A simple change of habit when it comes to how empty we let our stomach run before we eat, and the choice of foods and drinks we take on an empty stomach can go a long way to protect us from stomach ulcer.

Drinks like yogurt help in balancing stomach pH from being highly acidic.


Author: Cerebral Lemon