The 2015 presidential election was the most gruesomely campaigned election in the history of Nigeria. The current government achieved a substantial foothold in the minds and hearts of Nigerians because of the change agenda it sold to the public. Majority of Nigerians would claim that they did not vote in Buhari, but voted out former President Goodluck Jonathan.

One would even go as far as to state that if a monkey had campaigned alongside Jonathan, they would have voted for it. Thus was the state of Nigeria’s politics in the year 2015; that even a monkey could be seen as one to provide better governance than the former president who had been dubbed ‘clueless’ by all and sundry within and outside the country.

Nearly a year after and under the new administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, it would be expected that Nigerians would be content that they finally have new governance. But it seems like there is no pleasing the Nigerian people as public opinion in recent times has seen a shift from belief in the change agenda to an outcry for the President to stop jet setting all over the world.

The present fuel crisis and scarcity has led Nigerians to wonder if they had been deceived with the change agenda that had been sold to them, which they wholly bought. Since it has already been a year and the country is no better for it economically, there seems to be no pleasing the Nigerian people who have become like the Israelites; bemoaning the present situation and seeking a return of the past oppressive government.

It seems foolhardy of Nigerians to think that an economic situation that took decades to get destroyed can be fixed after just one year. It is an ambitious hope to wish for the change agenda to take effect at any time less than half of the duration it took to destroy the country in the first place.

The change agenda will not work until Nigerians learn that the country is in the deep recesses of decay to such an extent that even further decay is necessary before healing – or change – can even begin to take place. It is called a debridement.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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