It is all cosy and romantic at the beginning, holding hands, buying gifts, surprise visits, cinema appointments and occasional dates – these are the signs of a newly-installed relationships.

However, as time passes by, these things begin to wear off, lovers begin to express their real nature more and arguments become a regular feature, things before overlooked, become issues to hold on to.

This phase is a common phenomenon in relationships; unfortunately not many relationships survive the phase, so the bliss hits the rocks.

While this article is not trying to pick on women, for failed relationships, it only tries to highlight factors that make women the first to pull the plug.

For a start we have to understand that women are special in their own way. You will be surprised at how strong they can be in spite of their fragile frame.

From carrying pregnancy for nine months, working to support the family, catching up with extended family affairs, doing house chores and at the same time attending to the emotional needs of their spouses, the list is endless.

However, as strong as a woman can be, they can be emotionally delicate and even give up on their relationship easily.

Some factors that will be named below might be peculiar to different people as couples break up for different reasons.

If as a man you’ve had too many women come into your life and vanish like a vanishing spray, these are some reasons that you should pay attention to:

Trust-related issues

  • Cheating or breaking trust is unforgivable for many women. If and when she finds out that her man is cheating with someone else, there is a high chance that she will quit. It’s an established fact that women are jealous by nature. Between the two sexes, men are arguably more jealous than women, however.
  • Another trust-related issue is lie telling or pretending to be good. Most of the times, women believe the lie because they want it to be true so badly, but when they find out the truth, it’s most likely the end of the road with them. One thing about lying is, you have to keep telling more lies to cover up previous lies; so if you aren’t ready for that, you might as well never start it at all.
  • When men do not keep their promises or commitments. In most clime, it is also considered an act of betrayal. Generally, women do not tolerate people who can’t be trusted.

Too controlling

  • By nature, men want to take up the reigns and be in charge, it is the way they are raised and even more, genetically configured. However, when a woman feels that the man is being too controlling or being unnecessarily controlling, they may possibly pull the plug on the relationship.
  • Trying to take control of her personal life – work, family, friends – and sexuality is another red flag for women.


  • No woman wants to be with an irresponsible man. If as a man you leave everything to the woman in your relationship, be sure an end to that relationship is imminent and it won’t be you calling it quits, it would be her.
  • Women need and crave care and affection, so when a man is not responsible enough to consistently ask after their health, emotions and so on, they might pick the option of being single over being with him.


Too much independence could also be a turn off for them. Women like men that can depend on them emotionally as much as they depend on him. I have heard some women say they like a man that cries once in a while when there’s a cause.

There is no single rule to what pleases women, these are just fundamentals. It is important to get to know your woman personally and discover what she wants and that can only happen through healthy communications.


Author: Dotun Obatuyi

My name is Dotun Obatuyi (Dotunoba), I hail from Osun state, a public health scientist (monitoring and evaluation specialist), my keen interests are researching, critiquing and writing feature articles on health, science and technology as well as issues around the globe.