The confession of this man who badly wanted an affair out of his marriage will make you realize why you really need to seduce your wife. Below is the confession:

I had an affair. No wait… keep reading, I promise that there is an explanation and it isn’t what you are thinking.

Quite a few years back I had set my mind on seducing and having an affair with a certain co-worker.

I began planning and plotting. Ways to make excuses to spend time with her, get away with her, ply her with gifts and attention.

I imagined the intrigue, the challenge and the logistics of getting away someplace and making time for each other.

I realized that this was not going to be easy. It was going to take a lot of efforts to accomplish.

Fortunately a more rational part of my brain kicked in at this point. If having an affair is going to take this much effort, what if, instead, I put this much effort into making it work with my own wife?

So I did. I plied her with little gifts and extra attention. I made time and excuses to get away with her, spend time with her, to date her.

We met for lunch during the work day. We went on dates in the evenings, we took off and went out of town on weekends.

I treated my own wife as I would have the woman I had set my sight on. I seduced my own wife all over again.

It was a challenge, it was a lot of effort.

I remembered to treat my wife as a girlfriend, one who is not “obligated” to stay with me, or to satisfy my needs. Someone who at one time I had to put a bit of effort into charming, entertaining, pleasing and seducing in order to get sex.

It worked. I had my affair, with my own wife. All of the pleasure of another successful campaign of seduction, but none of the guilt, social stigma or risking the family.

Author: Yemi Olarinre