Google recently launched its own messaging App called Allo. In less than two weeks, the App has well over 5 million downloads on Android and iOS and already ranks high with WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

As expected of a Google product, Allo has a lot of features that makes it more versatile and functional than other popular tele-messaging platforms.

For instance, Google Allo takes your phone number for primary identification, and if required, your Google account can also be synced with the App.

One unique feature that sets Allo apart from the rest is its ‘smart’ ability. Allo has an in-App virtual assistant called @google that can pull out information from the web, play embedded videos and perform other interesting functions within a chat.

Unlike other Apps, Google Allo draws on Google’s machine learning software to learn how its users talk in order to generate more appropriate suggested responses over time. This feature works just fine and very fast.

The feature provides directions, topical information such as news and weather, restaurant and flight information, and in-message games.

More reasons why you should try Google Allo

Automatic Response – Allo can suggest automatic replies to save users time when they’re on the move. It uses artificial intelligence to read text and replying patterns of users, and then comes up with relevant suggestions.

Image recognition – Allo draws on Google’s image recognition software for Smart Reply, meaning that it can spot the difference between similar images and suggest apt responses.

Set Timer – With Allo, users can set timer for messages to be deleted. This feature is also obtainable on BBM. You can set a timer starting from 5 seconds, and once it elapses, the message gets deleted automatically.

Font Sizes:  Like Apple’s iMessage and Facebook’s Messenger, Allo has a playful feature with the ability to send larger and smaller versions of text and custom-designed stickers. Two slider buttons – ‘Whisper’ and ‘Shout’ are incorporated. Users can increase or decrease the font size using these slider buttons.

Though Allo is not Google’s first attempt at Messaging App, what Google has done this time is that it has gathered interesting features from other messaging Apps and brilliantly support them with artificial intelligence.

There is a barrier to its adoption, however, – how many people will download it?

While WhatsApp already has a large number of users, messaging App like iMessage is installed on every iOS device, giving Apple a clear advantage among iPhone Users who may not see any reason to join Allo.

Also Facebook Messenger is available for all Facebook users, hence it has a billion download already.

With about 5 million downloads on Android in just a week, Google Allo is already gaining influence. How possible can Google Market it? What will further updates look like?

My submission is that given Google is a big brand and has decided to put it’s all into the development of this App, Allo is here to stay.


Author: Timilehin Boyinde

Oluwatimilehin Boyinde is a research writer and a social media strategist. A public affairs analyst, he writes about history, politics, sports, life matters and technology. He is passionate about happenings in Local and international political arenas. He is an avid Manchester United fan and an unapologetic Nigerian.