Fayose Sets Sight On Becoming A Pastor After Politics

Image: citynews.ng Fayose Sets Sight On Becoming A Pastor After Politics

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has said he will become a pastor when he retires from politics and as President of Nigeria.

Fayose’s presidential ambition

Shortly before the National Convention of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, held in early December, Fayose made his interest to run for Presidency in 2019 known, throwing the party into frenzy considering the party’s zoning system.

While speaking at a New Year’s thanksgiving service in Ado Ekiti on Tuesday, Fayose’s wife, Mrs. Feyisetan prophesied about her husband that his next political position is one that is higher than the governor seat he currently occupies which he will exit later this year.

Fayose on becoming a Pastor

According to the Cable, Fayose, who allegedly disclosed this in Lagos said after presiding over the affairs of Nigeria as the Grand Commander Of the Federation, he would become the pastor with a very large ministry.

“There is nobody reasonable who doesn’t know who Ayo Fayose is and the decision to me being president is spiritual and physical on the other hand because when your time comes, it will manifest,” he said.

“I am a force God has created at this time. When I retire, I’m going to become a pastor with a very big ministry.

“After being president of Nigeria, I will be a pastor who will be a major force all over the world.”

Speaking on his “ spiritual gift” Fayose said he had been getting requests to prophecy about Nigeria’s future.

“Nigerians know that if I give you figures, they find it like that even my prophecies. Some of the things I said about last year came to pass. Some people have been calling me to ask for the prophecies for 2018,” he said.

Why Fayose believes he can be President

Speaking further, Fayose said his “popularity” and “influence” would serve him in achieving his ambitions but he is prepared to be maltreated over his criticisms of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“One pastor said the Federal Government will bundle Fayose this year, and so? Let them come and do it, who is begging them? I’m equally prepared.

“I remember Gani Fawehimi, he goes around with his bag. You can arrest him any day, what is the big deal? Some people, their promotion will come as a result of oppression. Our enemies are not our enemies in totality, they are catalysts to our success so I don’t care.

“If the Federal Government wants to go after me, I am more than available. They know my address, I’m in Magodo now, and tomorrow I’m going to Ekiti. I’m available for them. Those who keep their lives will still lose it,”he said.

Fayose reiterated his belief of representing the common Nigeria, hence, he will come out tops should he pick up the PDP presidential ticket.

He said: “Nigerians know that I represent the interest of the common man. If my party picks me as their candidate, I will win this election against President Buhari”.

“We pray for our president that God will grant him wisdom to lead the nation right because as it is now, we are drifting.

“He is old; he needs the energy to complete his tenure. God will give him the energy to complete this tenure and God will help us to tell him to go and sit in Daura and not contest in 2019. That is my prayer for Nigeria. That he goes to sit in Daura peacefully like the late president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela and go home and rest.”


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