APC Lawmaker Denies Plan To Leave Party

APC Lawmaker Denies Plan To Leave Party

The Senator representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District, Magnus Abe, has said he will not leave the All Progressives Congress, APC, for any other political party.


Senator Abe explained that he was in the party to make things right as one of the founding members of the party, hence his desire to stay on in the ruling party and make positive impact.

While speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, he pointed out that nothing would make him and others like him to stop expressing why they were in the APC.

Describing the APC as a group of Nigerians, who came together to try to do things right, Abe said, “Let me say it clearly that I am one of the founding fathers of the APC in the state. The APC is not only a political party, but an ideology. What is happening in the party is that the people, who should be neutral, appear to have taken sides.

“There is absolutely no possibility to leave where we want to make things right and go to where there is no plan to make things right. There is nothing that will make us leave where we believe things will happen.

“We will continue to look up to the leaders of the party to make things happen. The party is committed to make things happen. So, if I leave it, where will I go?”

Abe urged Rivers politicians to focus more on the development of the state, even as he expressed optimism that the disagreement in the state APC would soon be over.


Author: Janet Johnson

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