Australian woman, Kate Hill who had been told she would never conceive due to her polycystic ovary syndrome has made medical history after she conceived twice in 10 days.

Following her diagnosis, Kate went on hormones, and after having unprotected sex with her husband Peter, she ended up getting pregnant.

During her pregnancy, she kept on ovulating and conceived a second time 10 days later with the remaining sperm from their initial intercourse.

Following her history making pregnancy and child birth, the new mom told Australian online platform, Today Tonight Adelaide, that “we actually didn’t realize how special that was until they were born.

“Usually a woman doesn’t ovulate once they’re pregnant with all the hormones, but Charlotte was coming no matter what.”

Kate’s double pregnancy that is called, superfetation, is so rare that there are only 10 known cases in the world.

The two babies, Kate bore from the double pregnancy are Charlotte and Olivia and they are non-identical twins with different blood types and different personalities.

Author: Yemi Olarinre