This is definitely one statement not many expected to hear from a woman in this age, especially not a super-hot actress.

Curvy Ghanaian actress, Lilian Larkai, who has become something of a sensation on Instagram, not for her hot body or pretty face, but for her philosophic mind, has weighed in on the equality in marriage debate.

Though many women in Lilian’s industry hold a different opinion from her, the actress who recently bagged the Best New Actress in Ghana award at the Ghana Naija Showbiz Award held in Lagos, Nigeria, begged to differ.

When confronted with the question, she clearly responded, “It’s not possible”.

She explained her position stating that “A woman cannot claim equality with a man in a marriage.

“For a woman to be happy in her relationship or marriage she must first admit that a man and a woman aren’t equal”.

Author: Yemi Olarinre