Addressing Turkey’s Women and Democracy Association, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, clearly said a woman who rejects motherhood is deficient and incompetent.

He stated that though he supported women being successful outside the home and have professional careers, he believed that this should not be an obstacle to having children. He advised that women must have at least 3 children.

Prior to this, he called on Muslims to reject the use of contraceptions, he advised against birth control in a speech he gave on the 30th of May.

Erdogan, whose government is characterized by human right violations, corruption scandals and media intimidation is fond of making controversial statements on women.

In 2014, he called a female Journalist a shameless militant and warned her to “know her place.”

In May 2016, he ensured that Former Miss Turkey was sentenced to more than a year in Prison for allegedly insulting him. At a wedding ceremony in 2014, he described contraception as treason.

His Party, AK Party, a party which is rooted in Islam introduced a law outlawing marital rape. This thus defines the role of women in Turkey by gender equality struggle, rape, honorary killings, domestic violence and significant disparities in employment and education.

According to Professor Deniz Kandiyoti in a BBC article, Mr. Erdogan does not believe in the equality of women. The President condemns abortion as a form of genocide.

Author: Ope Adedeji