I worry, actually, I worry a lot.

I see the cloud really dark and start to worry about rain. Then I ask myself, ‘why don’t you want it?’ No reason. Then I pretend to relax…

LY is not home and it’s 8:15 p.m., I start to worry. Then I remember, he mentioned traffic. Again, I pretend to relax.

I worry so much that in my pretentious relaxed state, all I do is worry that I should not be worried. Complicated right? Yea.

I worry so much that I help people.

You went for a job interview and it’s taking time for them to get back to you, don’t worry, you just go on with your life, I’ll help you worry.

Doctors say you need bed rest? What are friends for, I’m up to the worry’ing’ task. In fact, I’ll help you look up worst case scenarios on Google.

LY says its inadequate faith (That’s me making it fanciful), no, lack of faith. But I am not bothered because I just prefer my mind in mumbo jumbo.

The increased palpitations in my heart must be orgasmic for me. No? So why do I then live to worry?


Every time, no, every single time I have almost collapsed under the weight of worry, I have been embarrassed. Meaning, the worries have ended up being worthless. They are, anyway.

Situations have always and I literally mean ALWAYS turned out more differently or in the exact opposite of my worry.

I remember one time I needed to go for a meeting that was really important to me. I almost paralyzed my thoughts and self with worry. The meeting not only went well, it was way better than I could have imagined.

Worry stresses out. It ages quickly. It brings on dreaded wrinkles and a host of other health problems. Aside these and the fact that it increases your trips to the loo, it is one of the surest sources of emotional imbalance.

I have learnt in my worry’ing’ years to relax. Let nature take its course and most importantly, let God have his way.

Practical ways I have dealt include

1 Remind myself how futile an exercise it is.

2 Try to remain calm and accept that it will always pass

3 Remind myself that I am a fighter, a survivor and most importantly a warrior

4 Distract myself. Simple. Watch some no brainer Series or reality shows.

5 Let go, Surrender.

Eventually, if it is something I cannot help, then it’s only easier to surrender to him who can help.

Let Go and Let God!

Author: Yemi Olarinre