So Namibian teenage boy, Simon Petrus invented a sim-less phone that can make free phone calls using radio frequencies and telecoms subscribers (especially in Nigeria) were already getting excited at the prospect of ditching their exploitative service providers for this new invention though it is not even close to completion.

If excitements brewed at that news, one can only imagine how the news of a new technology – completed and ready for download – that will perform similar function as Petrus’ invention will be received.

I gave that away with download right? That said; I might as well spill it. This technology is an app called CallPal and it’s available on Android, the operating system used by 90 per cent of phones worldwide, and Apple’s iOS.



CallPal according to tech website, Tech-Met will allow its users make calls anywhere on the planet absolutely free.

With subscribers of telecommunications companies in Nigeria always complaining of the killing tariffs the companies impose, this news couldn’t have come at a better time.

For telecoms companies operating in Nigeria however, this time is the ‘wrongest’ time to receive this news giving the dire state of the Nigerian economy. For them this news means less revenue at a time they need a lot of it.

How these companies work around the dynamics that would come with this new app matters very little to their subscribers since for them, this means, they are less exploited by their telecoms service provider.

Back to the talk about the app, let’s take a look at how the app really works. Firstly, the app does not need to be installed to be used. Sounds strange? But very true.

What this means for users is that they can call on landline numbers as well. The recipient of the call does not even have to have the app installed for him/her to receive a call from CallPal and he/she will still be able to see the caller’s registered phone number as caller ID

To get started, all the user needs to do is sign up and the process is quite easy as there are no extremely long forms to fill up.

It’s already sounding too good to be true and you are already thinking, the app will be spam infested, but it’s not. Actually, there will be no spam on your phone as it syncs with your contacts to emulate a regular dialing pad.

As good as what the app does sounds; there might be one downside in particular to it. The app won’t infest your phone with spam but you might face a few bugs while launching it.

Despite the downside which also includes delay of a couple of seconds in calls, this app is one we can look forward to its next version for better functionality as it holds great promise.

Even in its current state, it will save Nigerians a a lot of naira. Who doesn’t want to save for rainy days?



Author: Yemi Olarinre