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A relationship that will end in fruition requires tolerance, creative intimacy and trust.

No matter how long a relationship has lasted, if some signs are sprouting suddenly, then such relationship is on its way out of existence.

Below are signs that a relationship is heading straight for the rock:

Lack of tolerance: Partners must tolerate each other’s flaws. It might not even be flaws in its general observation but your partner may just dislike somethings or doesn’t want them, yet such remains your trait. It could be issues like “you talk too much,” “you play around guys a lot,” or “you’re too secretive, you’re unpredictable.” If all the aforementioned causes raising of eyebrow at all times, then the relationship might end soon. It is a vice versa situation if you cannot tolerate your partner for what he/she is.

Ability to endure each other during hard times: Life is created for the good and the bad. It has been said that a good friend is not the one you find around when you’re happy, successful, financially buoyant and healthy; a good friend is the one that endures and stand by you during hard times. If you cannot endure each other during hard times, then it’s a sign the relationship will soon dissolve.

Feeling of dissatisfaction: If you begin to nurture the feeling of dissatisfaction by the actions and inactions of your partner, then the relationship will begin to deteriorate gradually. “He doesn’t call me anymore or as often as before,” “she doesn’t check on me,” et al, might be the complaint here.

Clash of interests: Your partner wants you to visit his/her family and you feel you are not ready for that at that moment, you want to settle down in the North but she prefers southwest and no one is able to convince the other, then it could lead to a slippery slope of affection.

Lack of Trust: The foundation of every relationship is trust. When you begin to find it difficult to trust your partner or your partner lacks trust in you, before you’re broken, you both should consider breaking up. It is a sign of distrust to check your partner’s messages and chats; being curious to know where he/she is at any point in time; when her phone is busy you begin to feel insecure – may be he/she is on with another person.

With all these signs in a relationship, such relationship will lead nowhere.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi