Well, it’s no more a breaking news that the Nigerian youth have been calling for political participation and requesting for their inclusion in Nigeria’s governance.

Day in day out, the awareness have been frequenting the news headlines featuring the youth movement spearheading the course, particularly in Lagos.

It must be stated clearly that this is not a request to set aside the grey heads in politics but for us to take charge because now is our promised tomorrow where we’re told we’ll become the leaders.

It’s however saddening that all policies in vogue are ones that prevents us from the actualization of our dream.

Below is a lamentation poem that frowns on the devilish policies and calls upon the youth.


(Lamentations of the sidelined youth)

On the glittering hands of promises, we grow –

In stunt, while our hearts beat the rhythms of hope.

We’re tied to the woolly back of a super falcon

that drives us to the backstage till our time is gone.


What then are the purpose of our vigour and spirit?

Should they be used up, to frailness, within designed

circumferences, till they grow to brittle stubbles,

Consumed by candlelight in a blink of an eye?


Now our eyes can see: not all that glitters are gold;

But our boldness is earthed in the soil of hope –

watered with steams – designed to be streams,

But are partitioned Red Seas that swallow shiny dreams.


And the grey hairs are desperate; wet and whetted:

They’ve grown thorns and their points are toxic.

But, like unleashed dragons, we ululate – green-eyed:

Our tomorrow has come, we’re not too young to run.


Our eyes are red against ageism, a social injustice

whose hands must be dipped in the deep pocket.

Oh youthful wings! Let’s fly to the staffs and the

anthers of authority, for we are not too young to run.



So, this is a clarion call on Nigerian youths to let’s take charge before we’re discharged as today is for us and tomorrow is for our own children….

God forbid, when the tomorrow eventually comes,

We shamefully hibernate in the shell of an oyster

Whose pearls have been picked by men of the past,

So we may decay in resounding memories and

become stinking paragraphs on the pages of history;

That we came, we saw but were rather conquered.



It’s time to act without fear or favour. God bless Nigeria…

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi